Dev Diwali in Varanasi

I had a longtime wish to witness Dev Diwali in Varanasi about which I had heard a lot and my wish got fulfilled between Nov 2-5, 2017 and my life is made. The Arti is spectacular to say the least and I couldn’t have asked for more. The synchronisation of the Priests, the chanting on the microphone and everyone joining in together and chanting ‘Har Har Mahadev’ echoed in my ears till I hit dreamland. What a show! I feel blessed, I feel energised and since I have strong attachments with Varanasi, I felt a magnetic pull that I must visit again to witness Dev Diwali. The show from the boat, the volunteers lighting ‘diya’s’, the South Indians and specially the people from Andhra chanting, the young girls Bharatnatyam dance all led to being Blessed first and foremost. No wonder people feel like coming back to Varanasi again and again

I left with a heavy heart and made a promise that I will come back again soon

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