Travel is a learning

I’m very passionate about photography, a skill I had since childhood but been developing since past few years. Have travelled within India and outside with my camera on my shoulder everyday and clicking anything that fancies me. I enjoy Street Photography, Portrait, Landscape, Wildlife. Out of all these Wildlife, Street Photography are of utmost interest to me.

I had heard quite a bit on Tal Chapar in Churu District of Rajasthan and when noticed that Darter Photography is conducting a learning cum wildlife safari I jumped on it. Shreeram MV was the leader of a small group of 5. We were from various parts of the country and we got introduced to each other soon. Our trip was from 17-20th Oct 2019.

This trip was a true learning and a wide exposure from rare sightings to regular ones. For me everything was a new experience as I had seen none before. The Black Buck Male in a tussle, the females running, the Spiny Tail Lizard Running to hide in its hole and also from the predators – every single sighting was unique.

The landscape was so unique and beautiful in every sense of the term. Such beauty during sunrise and sunset was truly camera capturing. The black Buck helped me to take a perfect sunset and the neelguy helped me to take a perfect sunrise. The dameisolle cranes were a sight to behold.

The stay was very comfortable in the Forest Lodge which is partially owned by the Government. Best time to visit is between October to February. Summers are hottest in the country with temperature shooting to 54 deg C. Winter is 0 deg C.

I urge all my friends to visit Tal Chappar and have a worthy safari worth sharing will all

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