Tentul diye Moong Dal / Moong lentil with Tamarind

Moong Dal being my favourite I chose to make it with Tentul or Tamarind. The sour taste alongwith a mango-ginger paste gave the perfect tart taste and I loved it. I usually prefer to do easy recipes

This was one of the easiest recipe and tastiest I must say. Friends, a line of feedback / comments would be highly appreciated

Serves – 3 persons, Preparation time – 15 mins, Cooking time – 25 mins


200 gms Moong Dal

3 Tamarind sticks

1 Whole Red chilli

1/2 tsp mustard seeds

1 Tbsp Raw Mango chopped fune

1 Tbsp ginger paste

1 Tbsp mustard oil

Salt as per taste

2 cups water


Roast the Moong Dal and set aside. In a bowl add water and boil. Add the Dal and cook until done. Boil the tamarind and set aside. Add the boiled tamarind after deseeding and the juice to the cooked Dal and bring it to fire. The Dal should be of thick consistency. Add salt and stir well. In a wok heat oil and add mustard seed and whole red chilli. When splutters set aside and add to cooked Dal. Now add the mango-ginger paste and stir well and bring it to fire. Stir one more time finally and set aside. Enjoy with steamed rice

Roast Moong Dal
Boil the water and add the Dal and cook
Add the boiled Tamarind juice and Tamarind to the cooked Dal
Add salt and the Dal would be or thick consistency
Add the mustard see, whole red chilli into the Dal. Mango-ginger paste and stir well. Serve hot

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