Tok-Misti Moong Dal or Sweet-sour Moong Lentil

All states across India eats Dal or lentil and various combinations. Some will eat with main dish of rice or Roti and some just with rice. Some will have it sweet-sour. Some will also make Pakodes or fritters from Dals. Dals are also stuffed in Parathas or Naans or other Rotis. Dals are stuffed in Kochuri or Indian fried Bread and enjoyed too.

I made Tok-Misti Moong Dal as Moong Dal is my favourite. It’s a easy dish and very refreshing in this summer heat. I enjoyed with steamed rice. Friends and fans, do write your feedback / comments, thank you.

Serves :4, Preparation time : 20 mins, Cooking time : 25 mins


200 gms Moong Dal

1 medium size raw mango

1/2 tsp mustard seeds

1 Whole Red Chilli

1/2 Tbsp sugat

1 Tbsp mustard pil

Salt as per taste

1 cup water


Wash the raw mango and peel and chop into thin slices. Roast the Moong lentil until you have the aroma and set aside. In a bowl add water and boil. Add the roasted Moong Dal and cook for 15 mins. Add chopped mango and cook for 5 mins. Add salt and sugar and stir. Set aside. For tadka heat mustard oil in a wok, add mustard seeds and whole red chilli. Once it splutters add to the Dal and stir. Enjoy with steamed rice or roti

Roast the Moong Dal
Chop the peeled Raw mango
Once the Dal is cooked add chopped mango slices and boil
Once the mango is cooked set aside
In a wok heat mustard oil and add whole red chilli and mustard seeds.
Add the Tadka to the Dal
Enjoy playing and eat with steamed rice

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