Peyaz Kachori or Onion Kachori

Indian street food is very varied and very tasty. Every state has its own kind and style of street food or snacks and all are delectable and mouthwatering for sure. One of my favourite snack and street food combined is Kachori or stuffed Indian fried bread. One can just Gabe on its own or with some vegetable and if nothing else with chutneys. Chutneys or dips can be mint or coriander or garlic or tamarind. Any combination would do good with Kachori. One of my favourite is Peyaz or Onion Kachori which is a street food cum snack of Rajasthan and Gujarat states. I’ve made it earlier but felt to have it for dinner tonight.

Serves – 2 people, Preparation time – 15 mins, Cooking Time- 20 mins


1 cup maida or All Purpose Flour

2 medium size potatoes boiled

2 medium size onions chopped

1 Tbsp ginger-garlic paste

1 tsp aamchur powder

1/2 tsp turmeric piwdee

1/2 tsp red chilli powser

1/2 tsp coriander seeds

1/2 tsp mustard seeds

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

2-3 green chillies chopped

Pinch of asafoetida

2 Tbsp refined oil and more to fry

1/2 tsp sugar

Salt to taste


Make the dough from Maida by adding 1 Tbsp refined oil, salt and water. Cover with wet cloth for 5 mins. Mash the boiled potatoes and add chopped green chillies and chopped onions. Set aside. In a wok heat oil and add ginger-garlic paste, cumin seeds, whole coriander seeds, mustard seeds, aamchur powder, turmeric powder, red chilli powder. Stir well until oil leaves surface. Add chopped onions, chopped green chillies to the mashed potatoes mix and stir well. Set aside to cool. Now make balls out of the dough and stuff the onion mix and close the Balla firmly. Roll with a rolling pin and heat refined oil and deep fry. Set aside and enjoy with chutneys

Chop onions
Maida to make the dough
Add the chopped onions, green chillies to the mashed potatoes
Add ginger-garlic paste to the heated oil

Add chopped onions, chopped green chillies

Add the mashed potatoes
Add besan, all spices and stir well
The onion potato mix is ready to be stuffed
Stuff in the mix into the maida balls
Deep fry
Enjoy 😉

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