Badshahi Tukda or Bread slices dipped in milk

A classic Indian dessert is Badshahi Tukda. The name Badshahi suggests ‘kingly’ so it has to prove to its name. I loved cooking Badshahi Tukda and the bread slices are most soft as it’s in the milk for a long time.

Recipe as follows :

Serves – 3 people, Preparation time – 30 mins, Cooking time- 25 mins


2 cups milk

1/2 cup sugar

1 loaf of bread slices

1 black cardamom

2-3 pistachios chopped

1 Tbsp Rose Water

1/2 cup ghee


Cut the bread sides and slice diagonally. In a wok heat the ghee and fry the bread slices well. Set aside. In a bowl heat the milk adding sugar and black cardamom until it’s halved. Dip the fried bread slices and stir until the milk is absorbed. Plate it by sprinkling Rose Water and garnishing with chopped Pistachios

Fry the bread slices in ghee
Boil the milk with sugar and black cardamom
Dip the fried bread slices to the milk
Plate it

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