Turkish Eggs

Breakfast should always be a healthy meal. Starting the day if one eats healthy then the whole body and mind is positive in nature and energised too. I prefer to have a healthy meal and today morning I made Turkish eggs. I had prepared this before and loved the taste. Easy to make and tasty for sure. Three simple components of egg, yoghurt and chilli butter sauce. Enjoy

Serves – 1, Preparation time – 10 mins, Cooking Time- 10 mins


1 egg

150 gms hung yoghurt

1/8 tsp cumin powder

1/8 tsp red chilli powder

1/8 tsp red chilli flakes

1 pod garlic

1 tsp chopped parsley

1 Tbsp olive oul

1 Tbsp vinegar

2 Tbsp butter

Salt as per taste


In a bowl of yoghurt add minced garlic, cumin powder, salt and set aside. In a plate add the yoghurt and make a dent in the middle and ridges in the sides. In a pan heat water in high flame and then make a water poach. Add vinegar to the hot water in low flame. Twirl and gently drop the egg. This will help the egg to be firm. Lift with a slotted spoon and place it in the dent. Now in a pan heat butter and melt. Add red chilli flakes, red chilli powder, cumin powder and set aside. Once cooled add olive oil and then after a minute add the Chilli butter sauce to the ridges. Garnish with chopped Parsley and enjoy a healthy filling and tasty Turkish Eggs

Hung yoghurt
Make a dent in the plate and ridges in the side
Break the egg in a bowl
Add the water poached egg to the yoghurt
Heat butter in a pan
Add chilli flakes, chilli powder, cumin powder to the butter. Set aside . Add olive oil
Turkish eggs

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