Doi / Dahi Malpua or Yoghurt fried pancakes

I was devastated by the Cyclone Amphan attack on Kolkata and due to no electricity and lack of network couldn’t share my recipes. Thank you for your understanding and patience

Indians love Malpua a sweet pancake and there are no end to variations. I love most of the variations but thought of sharing one of the most unique one made with Doi or Yoghurt. Yoghurt is enjoyed by all in various forms and pancake is one of them. Friends, you must try this unique dish and leave feedback’s / comments, thank you 😊

Serves – 3 people, Preparation time – 20 mins, Cooking time- 20 mins


500 gms Misti Doi or sweet yoghurt. One can use sour and add sugar according to preference

150 gms maida or All Purpose Flour

1 Tbsp fennel seeds

2-3 cups water

3-4 Tbsp sugar for syrup

6-7 Tbsp Canola Oil


First let’s start with sugar syrup. In a bowl boil the water and add the sugar and keep stirring until you get a thick syrup. Set aside.

In a bowl beat the Misti Doi or Sweet yoghurt very well. In a separate bowl add Maida or All Purpose Flour and add 1 Tbsp oil and mix well so that there is no lump. Now add 1 Tbsp of Maida to the beaten yoghurt gradually and keep stirring until there is no lump at all. This mix is important. Add fennel seeds. In a wok heat oil and with a ladle take full batter and gradually pour into the heated oil and fry in slow flame. Flip the side and add to the sugar syrup. Keep it until a minute for the syrup to soak in. Set aside. Do in batches until you finish. Add chopped pistachios and enjoy

Sugar syrup
Oil added to Maida
Maida should be mixed well and no lumps
Add 1 Tbsp Maida to beaten yoghurt
Fennel seeds added
Being fried in oil
Dipped in sugar syrup
Garnished with chopped pistachios

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