Aam Shotto / Aam Papad / Mango Bar

Mango being King of Fruit is loved by most if not all. One of my favourite way of enjoying Mango is to have Aam Shotto / Aam Papad / Mango Bar. From childhood I would go to the local market and definitely buy one and enjoy the sweet dessert. Then as I went on to take keen interest in cooking I thought of making it. I just did that fee days ago. Very easy to make and very tasty. When I was having my first bite of it after a long gap, my childhood memories were so well refreshed

Serves -2 people

Preparation time -15 mins, Cooking time-3 days plus 20 mins


500 gms mangoes after peeling skin

1/2 cup sugar

Pinch of Rock Salt

1 tsp ghee


Wash and peel mangoes. Make a purée and set aside. Add sugar. Mix well. In a bowl pour the purée and heat and stir well until thick. Set aside. In a plate smear ghee and pour the mango liquid and spread with a brush all across the plate. Just hit on the sides to take out the air bubbles. Put Rock salt and put out on the sun for 2-3 days until it’s completely dry. With a knife cut the edges and make marks lengthwise. Roll with your finger and enjoy the Mango Bars

Mango Purée
Add sugar
Thick consistency
After heating
Smear ghee in the plate
Pour the mango on the plate

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