Raw Chocolate Fudge Balls

Chocolate is the first love of my life and I can’t think a day without munching a bite into a dark chocolate preferably. If I don’t get a dark chocolate then any chocolate will do. Even when I am travelling in India or abroad I shop for chocolates. It’s like an obsession to me. Today for the first time I made Raw Chocolate Fudge Balls and it was delicious to say the least. The most easiest recipe that I have laid my hands on

Course – Dessert

Cuisine – Indian

Author – Madhu’s Kitchen

Difficulty level – Easy

Serves – 1 person

Preparation time -10 mins, Cooking time-10 mins


1 cup seedless dates or desseded dates

2 Tbsp dark cocoa powder

1 Tbsp chocolate chips

1/8 tsp salt

Grated coconut to garnish


In a blender add the dates, cocoa powder, salt and chocolate chips. Blend until smooth. Refrigerate for an hour. Make balls and smear with grated coconut. Enjoy. You won’t be able to stop with one I can assure you

Raw Chocolate Fudge Balls
Blend all ingredients except grated coconut
Blend smooth
Grated coconut
Make balls and smear with grated coconut
Enjoy 😊

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