Dumur Chop or Indian Fig fritters

Dumur is a very popular vegetable that people in West Bengal enjoy eating. Mostly eaten during Summer and Monsoon seasons, I love to eat as Cbop or fritters. Cleaning, peeling the skin and discarding the tiny seeds is a very painstaking job for sure but when prepared for Chop or Dalna (Curry) it’s heavenly in taste and most enjoyed with steamed rice #MadhusKitchen #foodie #thekolkatabuzz

Course – Snacks or Starters

Cuisine – Indian (West Bengal)

Author – Madhu’s Kitchen

Difficulty level – Easy

Serves -2 people

Preparation time -1hr15 mins, Cooking time-35 mins


1 cup Dumur or Indian Fig

2-3 medium size potatoes

1/2 cup grated coconut

1 tsp cumin & black pepper powder

1 Tbsp wheat flour

3 Tbsp Checkpea Flour

4-5 Tbsp Puff rice powder for coating


Salt as per taste


Wash, peel, deseed the Dumur. Set aside. In a blender blend the Dumur coarsely. Add grated coconut and salt. Mix well. In a wok heat oil, add roasted cumin-black pepper powder, add Dumur mixture, stir well for 5-6 mins until coconut water is dried up. Add Wheat flour and stir for 1 min. Set aside. Boil potatoes and cool, peel and mash. Add salt and mix well. In a bowl add chickpea flour and 1/2 cup water to make a batter. Blend the puff rice to make the coating. Make balls from the mashed potato, make a dent in the centre and add 1 tsp of Dumur filling. Close on all sides and set aside. Complete for the whole set. Dip the Balls in the Chickpea flour batter and add to the Puff rice powder to coat. Set aside. In a wok heat oil and on medium flame fry the Balls until golden in colour. Enjoy hot with any beverage

Dumur Chop 😊

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