Bhetki Paturi / Bekti Paturi

Paturi is a favourite dish of mine. Most favourite being Prawn and Bekti or Bhetki which I made today. I didn’t steam but I fried and it tasted equally good. Infact I added lime juice and the chilli paste made sure it had the spicy flavour to it. Just pure love I say. Bangals will always prefer Ilish Paturi and me being a Ghoti will always prefer Chingri or Bhetki. Whether steamed or fried Paturi with steamed rice is just one step away from heaven !!!!

Course – Main meal

Cuisine – Indian (Bengali)

Author – Madhu’s Kitchen

Difficulty level – Easy

Serves -2 people

Preparation time-10 mins Cooking time -15 mins


6 pieces of Bhetki fillet (one can use Sole also)

1/4 cup grated coconut

3-4 green chillies paste (I used red chillies)

1/4 cup mustard oil

1/2 cup yogurt

1/2 Tbsp mustard paste

2-3 lime juice

Salt as per taste

Banana lesves

Thread to tie the leaves


Clean the fillet and marinate with grated coconut, mustard paste, lime juice, chilli paste, yoghurt, salt. Set aside for 10 mins. Wrap each fillet to a banana leaf covering all sides and tying with a thread. In a wok heat oil and fry the fillets well. Fry in batches. Untie the thread and plate with steamed rice and enjoy

Bhetki Paturi 😊

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