Gur ki Daliya

Daliya or broken wheat is such a healthy ingredient to eat that having a Kheer made with gur or jaggery in this winter season immediately comes to ones mind. I’m no exception so here it is. I’ve added lot or dry fruits to make it top notch


Course – Dessert

Cuisine – Indian

Author – Madhubish’s Kitchen

Serves -4 people

Preparation time-10 mins, Cooking time-20 mins


1 cup Daliya or broken wheat

1/4 cup Gur or Jaggery

2 Tbsp almonds

2 Tbsp cashew nuts

2 Tbsp walnuts

1 cup ghee


In a pressure cooker heat 1/2 cup ghee and roast almonds for 1-2 mins, and little brown in colour and set aside. Then roast cashew nuts for 1-2 mins and little brown in colour, set aside. Lastly roast the walnuts for 1-2 mins and little brown in colour and set aside. Add the Daliya and roast until a little brown in colour. Add gur and keep stirring until gur is completely melted. Add 1 cup water and put on pressure for 15-20 mins for three whistles on low flame. Keep the lid on for 5 mins. Set aside and stir. Set aside and add a little ghee. Plate and garnish with roasted dry fruits and enjoy a healthy, tasty Gur ki Daliya

Gur ki Dailya

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