Gokul Pithe

Subho Poush Sankranti! Aaj Poush Sankranti tai Gokul Pithe hotei hobe (Today is the last day of Poush month and making Gokul Pithe is a must). Throughout India Sankranti having different names are celebrated with great pomp and grandeur. Bengal is no exception. In Bengal Pithe and Patishapta are the most common ways to enjoy Sankranti. Pithe is fried in ghee and dipped in sugar syrup and Patishapta are crepe’s having jaggery & grated coconut stuffing. My favourite is Gokul Pithe

Course – Dessert

Cuisine – Indian (Bengal)

Author – Madhubish’s Kitchen

Difficulty level – Easy

Preparation time-10 mins, Cooking time-1 hr


For Pithe

2 cups grated coconut

1 cup Gur or Jaggery grated

1/2 cup Mawa

1 cup milk in room temperature

2-3 green cardamom and 1” cinnamon stick – roasted and blended to make a powder

For Sugar Syrup

1 cup sugar

1 cup water

2-3 green cardamom

For Batter

1 cup Maida

1/2 cup Sooji or Rawa

1/4 cup Rice Flour

2 cups milk lukewarm


Ghee to fry

Chopped Pistachios & Almonds to garnish


For Pithe

In a wok add grated coconut, jaggery and mawa and mix well. Bring it to heat and on low flame stir. At this point add milk and keep stirring for 30 mins, add powdered green cardamom and cinnamon and keep stirring until consistency is semi thick. Don’t make it completely dry as once cooled the consistency will further thicken up. Put on a plate and cool to room temperature

For Sugar Syrup

In a wok add sugar and water and bring it to heat. On low flame stir to dissolve the sugar and add green cardamoms. Set aside and don’t make one string consistency

For Batter

In a bog bowl add Maida, Sooji, Rice Flour and salt. Mix. Add milk slowly to make a semi thick consistency. Set aside for 30 mins. The batter will thicken a little after 30 mins.

Make lemon size balls from the Pithe mix and flatten. Dip in the batter and in a wok on heat add ghee. Fry the Pithe on low flame and each side would take 2-3 mins ro fry. Flip sides and make golden in colour. Complete the batch and gradually add to the sugar syrup. Keep it in the syrup for 2-3 hours before serving

Plate and garnish with chopped Pistachios and Almonds, enjoy 😊

Gokul Pithe

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