Beetroot Lassi Smoothie

It’s #WorldHealthDay today and even if we all talk about having healthy food and doing physical exercises, not always can we keep to our routine for various reasons. Not all has affordability to eat healthy food. Parents are always not looking into their children’s diet to see whether they are having proper nutrients in their food intake and because of their work schedule and lifestyle children tend to suffer. Junk food and binge eating is into practise and takes a toll on health. I try my best alongwith yoga daily to have healthy breakfast and today planned to have a Lassi Smoothie. I’ve made Smoothie many times but a Lassi one appealed to me because of the heat weather. So here it is #MadhubishsKitchen #BeetrootLassiSmoothie #foodie #foodies

Course – Breakfast

Cuisine – Indian

Author – MadhubishsKitchen

Serves -1 person

Preparation time-5 mins, Cooking time-20 mins


2 large Beetroot

1 cup yogurt

1 tsp honey or any sweetener of your choice

Lot of ice


Wash and peel the Beetroot. Boil and add to blender after straining the water. Add yogurt, honey and lot of ice and run the blender smooth. Strain and add to a glass and have immediately

Beetroot Lassi Smoothie

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