Lauki Roll / Bottle Gourd Roll

There are so many dishes that can be cooked with Bottle Gourd. It’s such a universal vegetable. Popular in the Indian subcontinent and one of my favourite too. I cook mostly as a vegetable with different garnishes like grated coconut or fried lentil dumplings coarsely crushed or chopped coriander leaves. All varieties taste heavenly. I saw lot of recipes on desserts from Lauki and chose to make one. The Roll was so good to taste. Let’s dig in #MadhubishsKitchen #LaukiRoll #BottleGourdRoll

Course – Dessert

Cuisine – Indian

Author – MadhubishsKitchen

Serves -2 people

Difficulty level – Easy

Preparation time-10 mins, Cooking time-30 mins


100 gms Lauki washed, peeled, 1/2” thickness sliced

1 cup Khoya

1/2 cup Almond powder

3-4 Tbsp black raisins

1 tsp elaichi powder or green cardamom powder

1 tsp ghee

1/4 cup sugar

For Syrup

1 cup sugar

1 cup water


In a pan add water and sugar and bring it to heat. Make a syrup but not one string consistency. After slicing the Lauki roundels, scoop out the insides and add to the Sugar syrup. Cook covered for 5 mins on low flame to boil. Set aside. Let the Lauki roundels dry. In another pan heat ghee, add Khoya, almond powder, sugar and Elaichi powder. Stir until sides leave surface. Set aside to cool. Now make small balls from the Khoya and add in the centre of the Lauki rolls, press a Black raisin in the centre. Complete the batches. Enjoy

Lauki Roll / Bottle Gourd Roll

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