Baigan Chokha (Aubergine Mash)

Cuisine from state of Bihar is very varied and flavourful, of course texture being different. One of the most popular cuisine is Chokha or Mashed. Potatoes being available in plenty and a staple amongst all, people tend to make Aloo Chokha or Potato mash everyday. Just like Sattu or Chickpea flour is a staple diet so is Aloo Chokha. There are other Chokha’s too amongst which Baigan or Aubergine Chokha is my favourite. It’s tasty, healthy and needs very little ingredients to cook. Let’s dig!! #MadhubishsKitchen #BaiganChokha #Chokha #Baigan

Course – Lunch or Dinner side dish

Cuisine – Bihar and Jharkhand

Author – MadhubishsKitchen

Preparation time – 5 mins, Cooking time -15 mins

Serves -2-3 people


2-3 Medium seize Baigan or Aubergine

2-3 Green chilies

3-4 Garlic Cloves

Salt as per taste

Mustard oil to drizzle and smear


Wash the Baigan or Aubergine and retaining the stem make slits on the body. Insert garlic cloves, smear with oil and place it on a grill or gas flame. Turning on all sides frequently grill evenly. Takes about 3-4 mins, set aside and cool a little. Peel the skin and add to a bowl to mash with a potato masher. Add to a bowl and add chopped green chillies, minced garlic, salt and mustard oil. Mix well. Enjoy with steamed rice

Baigan Chokha / Aubergine mash

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