Khajoor Roll / Date Roll

Khajoor or Date has lot of good nutrition like helps in increasing haemoglobin level, provides nutrition as it has natural sugar etc. I love Dates a lot and enjoy having on its own and not make a dessert. Today I thought of making a dessert and the most simple dessert that one can think of is Date Roll or Khajoor Roll. No sugar added which is the best thing in this dessert. Simple yet delicious to taste. Recipe as follows :

Serves 2 people, Difficulty level – Easy

Preparation time – 10 mins, Cooking time- 10 mins plus 4 hours


1 cup Khajoor or Dates (you may use seedless Dates too)

6-7 Tbsp ghee or unadulterated butter

2 Tbsp pistachios chopped

2 Tbsp almonds chopped

5-6 Tbsp Posto or Khuskhus or Poppy seeds


If using Khajoor or Dates with seed then take out the seeds and place the Khajoor or Dates in a bowl. Chop the pistachios and almonds separately and keep them in separate bowls. In a non stick pan heat 1 Tbsp ghee and roast the chopped pistachios for 1 -2 mins and set aside. Next roast the chopped almonds for 1-2 mins and set aside. In the same wok add the rest of the ghee and sauté the Khajoor or Dates for 4-5 mins until it’s softened. Add the roasted pistachios and almonds and mix well. Mix with Posto or khuskhus or Poppy seeds. Refrigerate for 4 hours and then slice into pieces and plate

Enjoy a simple dessert which has all goodness in it

Khajoor Rolls or Dates Roll
Chop pistachios
Chop almonds
Extract the seeds from the Khajoor or Dates
Cook the Khajoor or Dates in ghee
Add poppy seeds on a plate
Mix the chopped ingredients to the cooked Khajoor or Dates
Place it on the Posto or Khuskhus or Poppy seeds
Cut after refrigeration

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