Flower Mathi

Mathi or Matri is a snack and enjoyed by most in India. People enjoy this snack with a beverage of tea or coffee. Ideally on a rainy day this snack with tea or coffee is like heaven on earth. It’s so tasty. It’s crispy and the taste of ajwain or caraway seeds and black pepper powder lingers in the mouth. There are various shapes to the Mathi but I chose a flower one. A bit tricky but looks beautiful.

Course – Snack

Cuisine- Indian

Author – Madhu’s Kitchen

Difficulty level – medium

Serves -2 people

Preparation time -30 mins, Cooking time -15 mins


1 cup Maida

1 tsp ajwain or caraway seeds

1 tsp whole black pepper powder

2 Tbsp ghee or unadulterated butter

Oil to fry

Salt as per taste

Few whole black pepper corns to put inside the flower mathri


In a bowl add Maida, black pepper powder, ajwain, ghee and salt and mix well. The texture should be crumbly. Add water slowly until you have a soft dough. Rest the dough with a cover of Muslin cloth for 15 mins. Make 2 balls of the dough. Roll with a rolling pin and the consistency should be semi-thick when rolling. Take a cookie cutter and make small circles. With a knife cut four sides. In the centre put whole peppercorns. Cut further on the petal shapes and just fold the edges to look like petals. Make some straight insertions on the petals. Set aside until the dough is finished. In a pan heat oil and deep fry on medium-low flame. Plate and enjoy with any beverage.

Flower Mathi 😊

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